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Brigham Young University
Degree:  BA in Communications
Major:  Broadcast Journalism
Minor:  Sociology

Western Kentucky University
College of Science & Technology
Degree:  Meteorological Technology
Lab Instructor:  Meteorology 121

Current Resume

Pete has been an on-air TV Meteorologist since 1990, last 18 years in Kansas City, MO (KMBC). Previously in Norfolk VA (WTKR), Evansville IN (WEVV), & Bowling Green KY (WBKO).  College Internship at WKYT, Lexington, KY

After nearly 10 years at KMBC, to accommodate better family hours, Pete adjusted his career path (July 2008) by accepting a job as an administrator for the Blue Springs School District , overseeing a TV Station, BSSD TV, and BSSD Radio Station  for its High Schools. He also teaches Meteorology & Broadcasting classes, such as Jag TV at Blue Springs South High School. He is still part time with KMBC TV, filling in when needed.

Pete was an all-state high school Kentucky basketball player, scoring over 2,000 points. With offers to play college basketball at  Auburn,  BYU &  other colleges,  Pete decided to walk away from the sport & concentrate on studies in both Broadcast/Journalism  and Meteorology.  

Pete is married to Michelle and his two children are Nyla and Pete IV. Pete loves running, playing piano, actively serving in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints, and of course spending time with his family.

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American Meteorological Society Seal of Approval
National Weather Association Seal of Approval
Kentucky Colonel Award for Outstanding Service to the Community
Missouri Teaching Certification-Secondary-Both Environmental Science & Communications

ams sealNWA Seal

June 2017               13580598_1188012761220034_2463020584016888054_o

      I was born and raised in the great state of Kentucky. In fact, it was in the hills of Eastern Kentucky surrounded by coal mines, basketball and the greatest people on Earth.  I’m the youngest of three, only son. Science was my favorite subject through school with a strong side interest in broadcasting.  During my senior year in HS, Dale McKinney, owner of WMDJ Radio, made an offer that eventually directed & began my career.  I was trained and given part time on-air work at the radio station, then by college, I took my love of Science and broadcasting & merged them together. The rest is history.  Here’s a recent picture with my Broadcast Mentor Dale McKinney,  who still does the morning drive show on his #1 radio station WMDJ FM 100. 

                                                 CAM00126   wmdj
     My senior year in college, I interned at my favorite TV station, WKYT in Lexington, KY. Working that summer under anchors Barbara Bailey & Bill Bryant sparked great excitement in my new TV journey. These recent pictures show our small reunion 26+ years later.  Yes, they still anchor there and my daughter, future TV news anchor, got to meet them. I am grateful for them and that station. It’s been a great journey since those days.
                    WKYT Bill Bryant & Barbara Bailey 11080732_10203521788076788_2162573130910528682_o Kate at WKYT
From Feb. 1999 to present, I’ve worked with this awesome meteorologist and person, Bryan Busby. Side by side we covered many severe weather events on KMBC and I learned a great deal from him. Even after my departure from full-time TV, today we remain close friends and basically brothers.  In fact, Busby is my daughter’s God Father! It’s always nice to go back and fill in at KMBC, having great memories restored.
                       20150306_221315 20150306_221347 

Fun KMBC Pictures over the years! Click Here!

 My two sisters, Melinda Gay & Geri, and majority of my relatives, still reside in Kentucky.  Both of my parents recently passed away. They were an inspiration to all of us and were incredible parents. I look forward to seeing them again some day.
                 Christmas 2014 Family3 CAM00116
I could go on and on about my family and my home state, but no need in writing a book on a website.  But know this, I love God, family and my friends. Whether it’s teaching High School Science & Broadcasting in Blue Springs, or forecasting on KMBC TV, I love what I do. Enjoy each day and those around you.  Thanks for visiting my web site and God bless you all.

     Never been to Kentucky? Then watch this. When you see the mountains and coal mines..that’s my home area.      My Old Kentucky Home Video

Click these 2 Images to see the latest BSSD TV News Update with Pete & his broadcasting class Jag TV at Blue Springs South HS!


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